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010 ♕ [video] | backdated to yesterday

[Lois flicks on the datapad hurriedly as she locks a charged pack into a blaster.   As usual, she's broadcasting from the Mynock, and shouting orders at some of the patrons she's come to know well]

Hey, you!  You're in charge of the bar til I get back.  [The guy looks at her, obviously surprised, as she tosses him a keycard]  Don't let it burn down or anything.

[She fixes her attention back on the datapad]  I'm on my way down to the children's hospital.  Anyone, and I repeat anyone who wants to back me and the rest up better get your asses down there pronto.  Let's see some hustle.

[Behind her, uniformed security officers are visible, making their way inside.  One of them spots Lois and gestures to her, and, weapons in hand, they approach.]

Lois Lane?

[Without looking up from where she's strapping weaponry to herself]  Make it snappy.  

[They exchange looks and then there's a barrel leveled straight for her.  That gets her attention.  She looks from it back up to them, to their Coruscant Security patches, in disbelief]  You're under arrest.
[Sounding honestly annoyed:]  For what?  Trying to help save a bunch of kids?  Maybe you two have been living on a cave on Tatooine, but there's an attack going on.  

[They look unimpressed.]  There's a warrant out for your arrest on multiple charges, including fraud, theft, causing damage to government property, and two counts of public indecency.  We know who you are, Miss Alice.
Alice?  Look, I don't know where you're conjuring up your little Wonderland story here, but you're looking down the wrong rabbit hole, and I've got important things to do, so why don't you just [gently trying to push the gun barrel aside with the back of her hand]  point that thing somewhere else and--
[Another gun is leveled at her from the other side by the second officer.]  Sabaac Alice.  That's what you're calling yourself.  We have it all on vid, Miss Lane.  We'll need you to come quietly.
[Being herded out the door, her datapad left on, recording all this, as she fades out of view.]  I will not come quietly!  I demand a lawyer!  ...Do you even have lawyers in space?  Don't you have better things to do right now?!    Those kids are in dang--
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