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008 ♕ [video]

[The screen jostles around a bit at first before it seems to be set down in a stable place.  The first thing visible is Lois' waist, and then she drops down into frame, bending over to look into the thing.  Behind her, there's a lot of movement: people passing around weapons, others issuing directions, etc. etc.  From the familiar rows of alien liquor bottles behind her, it's obvious she's broadcasting from inside the Laughing Mynock cantina, her datapad propped up on the bar.]

Attention Coruscanti-bound citizens: those of you who don't have your zombie license fully certified this year, should make your way down to the Mynock if you can.  We're heading out from here to some of the Alliance's safe zones, which they've got fortified with force fields that should keep these things out.  Do not attempt heading down there on your own: we've heard some nasty stories about what people have been running into.

If you've got a blaster or some grenades or something, bring 'em along.  The more, the merrier.

[Her head snaps up and she shoves the datapad aside, stalking angrily off in that direction]  
Hey!   Get away from that window!  I said, everybody stays OUT OF SIGHT.
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