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007 ♕ [video]

[Someone looks just a little on the dejected side, as she leans her hand on her palm and flicks on the feed]  
You know, as great as it can be to get the life story of all the locals around here?  It gets kind of annoying playing Lonely Hearts Club counselor every night.   Everyone expects the bartender to have all the answers, as if we all took some kind of course on it.  Not saying I don't like doling out a smackdown to people who are just deep frying in their own delusions, but when it comes to the real hard questions on the romance front, it's not like I have the best field record.  

[Sigh]  I don't remember where I was going with this.  [And she clicks off the video.  Before turning it back on a little while later, with a filter on]


Hey, this is Lily's friend Lois, from the cantina the other night.
You wanna grab a drink sometime?  
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