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001 ♕ [Video]

[Not filtered because Lois doesn't have any filters.]

[Lois is busy filing her nails in her front of the feed, though she makes animated hand gestures as she speaks that sort of defeat the purpose quickly.  She probably finishes a grand total of one nail in the course of this.  She's also sitting on a real sofa, unlike the crap your rooms are outfitted with.  It's salmon colored. 8|  SO BEAUTIFUL.]

Y'know, it was a totally honest mistake. I swore that guy said herpes, and how was I supposed to know there was a planet named Hapes out there anyways? Or that it was a compliment? Hello, not exactly a local here.

Anyway, I told him to put some ice on the swelling and he should be fine.  These Coruscanti guys really can't take a punch.

Alice and Hatter: I resolved that tight funds issue for a little while down at the Mynock - apparently these hotshot pilots hanging around there doubted a "civvie" could hold her alien liquor.   

They didn't realize I was just off duty from the counter.


[At that point, behind the couch, you can see Alice and Hatter move into frame wrestling some clothes back and forth between them.  They're arguing over something indistinctly and gesturing wildly, though finally Alice yanks them away triumphantly, while Hatter flies backwards out of shot.   Lois does a double take behind her, and then looks back at the feed.]

I guess I could have just told you that.  Whatever, now you'll get it twice.  It's good for you.

Anyways, speaking of fresh meat: hello out there in TV land.  It looks like we got a nice big batch of you yesterday, and hopefully some of the initial Shock and Awe has worn down by now.   Or at least the running around half naked part has.  In some cases, a relief, in others, a downright shame, I'm sure.

Snape gave you the grouchy version, so here's the edited take:

Yep, we're in Star Wars.  No, the locals aren't big on you telling them that.  And no, the nice military folks offering retirement packages back to Earth aren't in a hurry to follow through on those little promises.  If they know how to get back, they're sitting on the secret pretty hard, so it looks like it's up to us to work it out ourselves.

Lucky for you, you've got one ace reporter on the case.  

Even luckier for you, she's moonlighting as a bartender at the local cantina  - the Laughing Mynock - and first round of drinks are on me for Earthlings.  I'm working there tonight, and I expect to see a fair share of you drinking your abducted-by-aliens sorrows away.  That's an order.  
Lane out.

[The feed switches off, then instantly back on again.]

Oh, and Catty, you're hired.  Hope you're ready to bust a move tonight, and don't make me look bad.  I had to pull some strings.

Did anybody happen to show up smuggling coffee beans, by the way?  You'd be my new best friend.

[I'll be posting a general log for Lois' bartending shenanigans tomorrow since 2 days ooc is close to 1 day ic, and that'll be more like ~nighttime~. ]
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