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[Between the fact that the camera pans across legs decked out in bright yellow hot pants, and a midriff baring matching shirt that leaves little to the imagination, along with the cigar hanging out of her mouth as she lays down her cards, and throws a credit chip on the pile, it's clear that Lois is not quite... the Lois everyone is used to around here.]

Come on, fellas, go big or go home.  [She gives a judgmental once-over to the guy sitting next to her, shamelessly glancing him over entirely]  You might want to give up and skip right to the 'go home', Junior.

[A triumphant grin as she withdraws the cigar and a chorus of groans are heard around the table]   Read 'em and weep boys.  Looks like I'm all sorts of lucky tonight.  [In the background, some dudes in expensive looking clothes can be seen discussing something animatedly, and pointing at her.  There are muffled shouts of 'That's her!' and then they start shoving their way in that direction.  She starts gathering the credit chips in her direction hastily.]  I hate to clean house and run, but I think my ship's leaving port.  

['Stop her!' one of them shouts, and someone pulls a blaster, generating screams across the bar, as the bartender angrily yells 'No guns!!'  Lois yanks out a blaster of her own, and dives behind the table, sending lasers flying back that way, as fire rakes across the room in both directions, people clearing out quickly.  Her datapad gets knocked over, and lays on its side beside her as she crouches behind a table, jamming a new power pack in.  She grimaces at it and growls between bared teeth:]   

Cheap... Czerka... crap!

[Canon-swapped to Cowboy Bebop; open for action or over the datapads]
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